We made it!

There and back like some pro kind of stuff.



Hello again, my beautiful Lake Charlevoix!


(My youngest sis and I)

And some epic “trolling” was done…


Keep is safe, Keep it clever,….Keep the Love, Peace, and Light!

Captain and Chell OUT!



Hello, all!

My name is Michelle….

or the usually always “Chellie” -(Shelly).

I spent years and years on Blogger and tried WordPress for a hot second, once upon a time. After some thought and a little frustration with design options…I decided to stick to a clean, user-friendly look.  So WordPress it is!

Back in my blogging days, I posted mostly about routine and day-to-day happenings.  Here, I would like to do the same and focus primarily on just how to keep things neat and simple.  I love to bake so expect a ton of photos and recipes.  I crochet all of the time with some knitting here and there.  You can see on today’s featured photo some of my crochet work and me goofing around with the lighting from that evening’s sunset!

I have a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to all of my handmade items….mostly in hopes to spread the word and sell my creations.  There is an Instagram account as well.  All tagged @5KnotsNorth.

This is a brand name I thought up back in 2015.  I have a nice little story to how the name struck me suddenly but I will save that for another time.  For now, the mission of 5 Knots North is to create a style fit for us mitten folk (and obviously whoever else takes a liking;) while working in a retro touch.  The bio for North’s insta account follows here:

“Where the spirit of the North meets retro.  Northern inspirations given style through yarn and hook while adding a personalized touch to the beach bound and trekking.”

(note: not exactly word for word but hey…I only had SO MUCH character space for the insta bio!).

I will close up this introduction with well wishes and blessings for a happy Thursday.  Shawl number 2 was finished this morning and shawl number 3 is just about there.  I need to get back to my yarn and hook………..and maybe a little breakfast.  😉

Take care,


OMG…2 more days…


So, I made a hat…

It turned out alright.  Main thing will be it’s use while Up North.  And It’s gonna be perfect!

Then I made this face…..


I don’t really know why…but, it happened.  So, there ya go!

Last night I crashed out before 9pm.  Getting some extra sleep is great and all…until you wake up at 5am and can not go back to sleep.  I’ve been running on caffeine all stinking day just to get stuff done.  PLUS…because I passed out like I did last night, I forgot to take my meds….obviously…and that made things really weird for me today.  I am on some standard meds for anxiety and depression so…the impact wasn’t huge…but I definitely felt off.  That’s for sure and that’s so not going to happen again,….ever.  Because like I said…it was weird!

And here we have today’s Vlog…

(Just keeping it short and right to the point today hahah)

((I need bed.  Like whoa))



Life it about to get super crazy as I finish everything before I leave.  Wish me luck!

Keep it safe…keep it clever…keep the love, peace and light!

Captain and Chell OUT!

Odds and ends kind of day….


Today is all about finishing off and weaving in ends.  lol.  Seriously though….I have much to finish before I go on vacation!!!  To my “home away from home”!  Lake Charlevoix!  The beautiful.


I had a bunch of shark/purse bodies started already so today I decided to piece a few together and maybe bring them up north with me.  Hey, ya never know who will want a shark purse…..especially since I will be walking around with mine and it will be looking all fabulous and what not.  hee hee.

This has happened to me several times before where I would be walking around with a handmade item and someone inquires as to where I got it and then wants one.  Ya just never know!

(Pattern for shark found here)

Alright!  That’s all for today…..

Keep it safe, keep it clever…keep the love, peace and light!

Captain and Chell OUT.

When that depression hits… #yarnit

ya know…like “darn it”.

Just #yarnit.



The following hit me this early afternoon.  While I wait for my YouTube video to load…I’ll type in those thoughts…:

“When you feel so full of words but you can’t line them up appropriately in a paragraph.  Or sentence for that matter.

(I went ahead and opened the note app on my phone and started typing the words that came to me)

Ugh.  This life of mine.  I swear.

Scattered thoughts all lined with a yearning to come out.  Several emotions flowing into my being in waves…each searching for it’s own meaning as it hits the shore.

What is the significance to all that I am feeling right now?  These feelings of confusion, determination, worry, wonder…feeling like running out the front door and into the arms of a loved one.

Passion.  I am feeling very passionate today and all I can do is stare off into the distance when I should be grounding myself.   Blank pages of my book lay before me and peace of mind comes through when I yield to the state of zoning out and off into the distance of this cloud filled sky.

I am as rooted as a tree yet my branches are stretched across this skyline.  And that means a whole lot if you think about it.  Almost like being stuck in one place yet having the reach to touch all ends of the earth.  This is my mind and my spirit.

How my spirit wishes to run.


Keep it safe…keep it clever…keep the love, peace and light.

Facetune-11111Captain and Chell out! 


What is this day….

I found this morning on the very fussy side of the bed.  Let me tell ya.  As well as Mr. Captain.  We are making quite the pair right now.  Just a really ugly day full of humidity and grey skies.  And it still has yet to rain.  Thunder has been rolling since day break yet only a little sprinkling happened!

So.  How do we cheer up a sassy Chellie and Captain?

We remember what makes us smile……..


I love going through the album on my phone every so often.  I didn’t even realize Captain was making this face in this photo until I started editing it last night!

Mean mugging like the best of them.  hahah!

I usually take a nice long walk/run during the day and I managed to get a few steps in this morning but not the usual 2 mile gig.  Since I battle depression on the daily, I have taken to walking off any moodiness/sadness.  But with all the thundering that is going on at this time, I’m kinda quarantined.  I did manage to have a nice conversation with one of my neighbors about our dogs and what not so,…….that was nice.  I stopped and said “hello” after I planted some flowers my mother gave me on Monday and it made me feel a lot less lonely.  I’m kind of a people person.  Where someone would usually be in a crappy mood and want their alone time….I am the opposite .  I would much rather the company and redirection or “interruption” to a salty mood and attitude.

I love quiet time like the next person…..

But I need people today.  So I write to you in hopes that this actually falls on interested eyes and not slip off to the vast, empty corners of the internet.

Now….enough of my moodiness.  Check out the newest additions to my collection!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have no idea why I am on an Octopus kick right now.  I hated making the first 2 and now…….I am fixing them up like nobody’s business.  They are just so darn cute!  These little guys do not have a pattern.  I make them up as I go along.  But if anyone is interested in purchasing one, they are 10 dollars each.  Makes for a great baby shower gift!

My sister had me make just the Octopus for her baby girl and that little one could not get enough of it.  It was such a sight to see her all excited over it!20170704_195605


Yup!  I made a pacifier for the baby octopus!  No face though.  Still need to work on my threading/embroidery skills!

AAAAANNNNNNNDDD It’s here. Finally.  Down pouring like whoa out right now.  And.  AND.  Captain is sound asleep at my feet.  Now I just need that cup of coffee………

Alrighty folks.

You know the drill!

Keep it safe, keep it clever….keep the love, peace and light!

Captain and Chell OUT!

“The Secret to happiness?”


Let the emotions flow.  And that’s what today’s post will be about.


I love this.  There are many kinds of love and I love this in the way a paragraph from a favorite novel reaches into your chest and pulls at your heart.

That’s how I love this.

Some days, courage means waking up and just going about your day.  Other days… it could mean slaying the dragons.  Courage can be simply “trying”.  It could be the exhale after the inhale of an anxiety ridden mind.  Or it could be pushing ahead with absolutely no end in sight.  Courage trumps will in the depths of the heart.

And this is what courage means to me.

I will admit….there were a few days this week where nothing interested me in the slightest.  Just trying to complete household work was climbing some mountain in a land of cold and darkness.  Nothing could jolt me from the daze my mind had locked itself in.

At one point I finally thought “Chellie, it is what it is, just do it…”

and I continued a project I had been working on.  Crocheting has this wonderful rhythm to it and soon after my thoughts were projecting how the item would look once completed.  No longer did I feel like I was loosing my footing on this desolate and creepy mountain.

These mountains, tho. ya know?

The worst.


Annnnnnnd for your viewing pleasure:

Annnnnnd here we have me modeling some new sway from 5 Knots North!

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Peach Sands





Sunset Sun


Here Fishy, Fishy


Calm Waters



Summer in Detroit


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Pink Sands




Light weight wrap cowel/infinity scarf for spring and summer!


And there we have it.  For now.  I have LOTS more to post but my computer is being super slow and I am amazed I was able to get this far! lol

Keep it safe

Keep it clever…

Keep the love, peace and light!

Chell and Cap out!